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Driving Force Behind the Climate Smart Advisors Project.

At the heart of the ambitious Climate Smart Advisors project lies a diverse and dedicated team, collectively driving a significant shift towards climate-smart agricultural practices across Europe. This project brings together a dynamic network of professionals, including 27 National Coordinators, a robust management team, 12 Thematic Leaders, and around 140 dedicated Coaches, all working towards a common goal. 

National Coordinators

Introducing the 27 National Coordinators of the Climate Smart Advisors project, who are responsible for orchestrating national activities in each European country involved.


Introducing the Coaches, an important role in the Climate Smart Advisors project. Around 140 of them will provide training and education for Advisors about how to implement climate smart practices in real environments

CSA Management Team

Introducing the team of people standing behind the Climate Smart Advisors project and making it run, task by task

Thematic Leaders

Introducing the 12 Thematic Leaders of the project, each taking the lead in their respective areas to assist the advisory community in enhancing their skills and knowledge in these specific fields.

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