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Welcome to the Climate Smart Advisors Project

Boosting the EU agricultural advisory community to accelerate the adoption of climate-smart farming practices

Focus on Advisors

This project gathers 1.500 Advisors, 140 Coaches, 27 National Coordinators, and 12 Thematic Leaders in one place, building a community of interested and qualified stakeholders with a common aim to shift the European farming sector to a new level of climate-smarter agricultural practices.

Communities of Practice

260 Communities of Practice (CoPs) in 27 EU countries are here to enable the practical propagation of new and existing climate-smart farming solutions among the European agricultural advisory community. More information about CoPs will be available after they are being formed and start with operational activities.

Knowledge Repository

Common Knowledge Repository rich in climate-smart tools, practices, and approaches from all sister projects will be a place to go for every advisor who takes part in shifting EU agricultural production towards more adaptable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly farming. Currently, Repository is under development and its first version should be available in 2025.

Co-Design Innovation Experiments

Practice oriented innovation experiments where Advisors play a central role as change and innovation agents in Climate Smart Farming multi-level transitions. CoDIES will fill in innovation gaps that have been identified in Climate Smart Advisors activities across the EU

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